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DUBUB Marketing Agency has been generating smart ideas for local, regional, national and international clients since 1997. We are a full-service agency with capabilities in inbound marketing, strategy, design, public relations, web and social media.

The capabilities listed are a reflection of assignments in which we as a group have significant experience and success. Integrating these capabilities takes experience and deep knowledge of each – something in which our people are undeniable experts.

DUBUB’s greatest source of value to clients is the way we think. Our integrated approach to solving marketing challenges is to come at problems from both the left and right sides of our brains using our expertise to create solutions driven as much by knowledge and logic as by creativity and intuition.

Our team members are devoted to delivering remarkable ROI to every client, and our dedication to results is evident in everything we do, including how we speak. Internally, we refer to our clients as “investors” since they invest their resources into us the same way they would a financial investment. We hold ourselves accountable for ensuring their investment brings a positive return.


DUBUB Marketing Agency is committed to turning investor challenges into opportunities by solving them in the most efficient, remarkable way. We clean up messes, streamlining processes to make things easier for our investors.

Our web design services focus on building user-centric, beautiful websites that reinforce our investors’ branding and increase their bottom line.

Using the inbound marketing methodology, our marketing services are designed to move high quality leads through the sales funnel while simultaneously growing online brand presence.

We also offer custom application development that assists in streamlining internal systems, without the enterprise-level price tag. 


We constantly strive to achieve three things: remarkable ROI, remarkable excellence and remarkable client experiences. What do we mean by “remarkable”? Think of a purple cow on the side of the road…a cow that stands out from all the other cows because of how unique and incredible it is. In everything we do, we aim to be that purple cow—and settle for nothing less. Through all that we do, we’re constantly redefining what it is to be always serving, always growing and always improving processes.

Team members treat one another just as we would our investors. We all strive to be servant-leaders who will readily assist one another, even if the duties do not fall directly under one’s respective job description. We ensure that we are always serving by implementing a self-filter. For instance, even if another team member will be reviewing our work after completion, we act as though we are the last line of defense. This helps to ensure that everything we submit to our investors or publish on the web is of the highest quality and free of errors.

Always growing means that we are constantly learning, no matter how long we’ve been working in our field or at DUBUB Marketing Agency. One way that we ensure this is through Intentional Learning. Each team member is required to complete one hour of (paid) Intentional Learning per week. More than just reading industry-related blogs and articles, Intentional Learning must somehow improve a skill and later be applied to one’s work. DUBUB Marketing Agency has an abundance of online resources available to team members, so there is never a shortage of learning material to choose from. As we say at DUBUB Marketing Agency, complacency breeds failure—so we are always finding new ways to learn and grow to make sure that we never become complacent in our work.

When it comes to always improving processes, we are continuously asking ourselves, what can we do better? How can we make this process more efficient? In short, we rebel against the process while simultaneously following it, making sure it’s documented and communicated properly.


DUBUB Marketing Agency is comprised of passionate, innovative professionals whose dedication to the best interests of your business is unsurpassed. We are always extremely intentional with how we spend our time and yours by regularly asking ourselves, will this help the client? and only proceeding if the answer is yes.

We do not exist to create websites and marketing strategies. We exist to help positive-impacting companies reach their growth and profit potential. It’s important for us to believe in the work we do, which is why we only work with companies that have a positive impact on society and are somehow making the world a better place. We work with companies that elevate quality of life; provide lifelines and create jobs; and have intention and focus.

When it comes to recruiting, our goal is to find the best talent to get the job done—period.

Now, enough of the small talk already. Want proof of our capabilities?

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DUBUB Rockstars

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Jacob HALE
SEO Link Specialist

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Executive Vice President

The Agency 3

Nicholas HOLT
Senior Paid Media Analyst

The Agency 4

Managing Strategic Account Director

The Agency 5

SEO Link Specialist

The Agency 6

Stephen MCCOY

The Agency 7

Nicholas LEONARD
Database Programmer

The Agency 8

Content Manager

The Agency 9

Information Designer

The Agency 10

Frank LOWE
Project Manager

The Agency 11

Cynthia OLIVER
Office Administrator

The Agency 12

Project Manager

The Agency 13

Benjamin HIGGINS
IT Administrator

The Agency 14

Senior Director of SEO

The Agency 15

Senior Marketing Consultant

The Agency 16

Digital Strategist

The Agency 17

Information Designer

The Agency 18

Katherine HOPKINS
E-Commerce Programmer

The Agency 19

Christine WARNER
Accounting Manager

The Agency 20

Pamela BATES
Senior Director of Operations

The Agency 21

Scott MANN
Senior Project Manager

The Agency 22

Justin LI
Senior Digital Strategist

The Agency 23

Samantha O’CONNOR
VP Client Services & Strategy

The Agency 24

SEO Link Specialist

The Agency 25

Jonathan STEELE
SEO Link Specialist

The Agency 26

Account Manager

The Agency 27

Senior Vice President of Operations

The Agency 28

SEO Strategist

The Agency 29

CEO & Design Guru

The Agency 30

SEO Link Development Manager

The Agency 31

Jaslyn YORKE

The Agency 32

Marketing Manager

The Agency 33

Photoshop Guru

The Agency 34

Kathleen LITTLE
Video Editor

The Agency 35

Jonathan CRAIG
Senior Project Manager & Trainer

The Agency 36

Junior Front End Web Developer