Fulton House by Polygon


The Polygon family of companies has built more than 28,000 homes throughout Metro Vancouver. Trusted, caring and forward thinking. These traits have established Polygon as one of Vancouver’s leading homebuilders. In that time, they’ve built everything from complete masterplanned communities to luxury high-rise towers in dynamic urban centres. Each one of their residences is crafted with decades of experience so that homeowners – at any stage of life, in any municipality across the Lower Mainland – can buy a home with confidence and peace of mind.


For the UX stage, we explored two different alternatives. They were two valid ways of presenting the service’s storytelling, with differences in information architecture and narrative resources.



We started with an exhaustive look at the brand, the site, and the project’s goals. From that, we went on to craft a unique brand identity that would define the voice and tone in which Polygon Homes (Fulton House) would approach clients.


As always, we moved from research to paper. This quick, cheap way of testing and iterating ideas allowed us to try different approaches early, making sure we explored all possible alternatives. Once we defined a clear navigation paradigm, we moved on to lo-fi wireframes.