A native of New Zealand, Tim Brown was always well versed in the magical qualities of merino wool. Inherently curious, he began asking himself why such a remarkable, sustainable resource was virtually absent in the footwear industry. And with that spirit of wonder, the Allbirds journey began.

After years of researching and tinkering, Tim teamed up with Joey Zwillinger, an engineer and renewables expert. Together, they crafted a revolutionary wool fabric made specifically for footwear. The outcome? An entirely new category of shoes inspired by natural materials, and an ongoing mantra to create better things in a better way.


For the visual elements of the brand we wanted to emphasize the more direct implications of the business. We wanted to convey velocity, growth and momentum in a minimalistic, sleek way.



Choices, choices, choices

This is one of several alternatives we thought of while coming up with AllBirds’ site. We eventually kept the idea of the content blocks and the sleek Motion UI details, but we decided on a cleaner, more professional path.


The system we came up with was ideal for applying throughout a big brand identity kit. We developed AllBirds’ new identity into swag, media kits, branding elements for events and ads for print media.