Meet the CEO

Meet the CEO 1

Steve Jesiolowska (born July 21, 1984) is a Polish-born Canadian entrepreneur and businessman who founded DUBUB Marketing Agency in 1997 and EDEN Latin America in 2015. Steve was born to a migrant mother who is of Polish descent. She raised him as a single mother and always supported Steve in all his entrepreneurial goals and pushed him in furthering his education which made him the man he is today. Steve earned a D.E.S.S., Bachelor’s degree, and DEC and is fluent in 3 languages, Polish, French, and English while still on the journey of learning a fourth language (Spanish). At the age of 12 years old, he had his first TV interview with the local TV station in Montréal, Québec promoting his first company. He is known for being one of the youngest entrepreneurs who started a web development business in the country at that time. He was not the best when he came to school participation but he was always fascinated and drawn to marketing, technology, and the business world as a child.

In 2012 Steve decided to explore the world and moved to a little country called Belize. He moved there in hopes of spreading his knowledge and building more businesses. While still working on DUBUB Marketing Agency he arrived and later on met his wife and now a business partner (Jaslyn Yorke). While managing DUBUB he and his wife decided to start the first fashion accessory e-commerce store in Belize (EDEN). After several years of pushing this business, it grew beyond expectation and was expanded further into Latin America and then became known as EDEN LATAM. He was able to target countries such as Guatemala and Jamaica at the start of the company. Steve is never a person to think small, for him it always is big or go home. In 2019 Steve and his wife decided to move to Canada and continue with the expansion of DUBUB Marketing Agency in international markets. Having a passion to create and to instill knowledge in the world of technology was always his goal and vision for DUBUB Marketing Agency.