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Posted 12 June 2019

The Importance Of Branded Marketing Materials

The Importance Of Branded Marketing Materials 1

In the ever-growing digital landscape of marketing and advertising, printed material has become a bit of an afterthought in the minds of many businesses both small and large. Contrary to this trend, branded marketing materials remain as relevant as ever in helping promote your company and generate leads. Research from shows that a whopping 52% of people said their impression of a company is more positive after receiving branded materials, and almost 50% said they use those materials every day. It is clear that branded materials can make a great impact on potential clients, so how do you integrate these into your marketing strategy?

The Importance Of Branded Marketing Materials 2

Business cards:

It isn’t hard to see that business cards are still as important as ever. Business cards have been a staple in peer-to-peer marketing since the start of, well, business. A well-designed, well-made business card can seal the deal in a face-to-face pitch better than a later visit to a website or viewing a search ad. Business cards act as a reminder of an in-person interaction, and will keep your company in the forefront on their next related work project.


Envelopes, letterhead, postcards. Professionally designed and well-printed stationary is a sign of the quality of your business. The effort taken in mailing any promotional materials or simple letters with consistent branding adds value to your company’s image. 


Something often overlooked than can really tie all of your materials together. Instead of presenting proposals and project materials in a stack of assorted papers, consider a branded folder to keep everything organized. Keeping your pitch materials together in a neat, branded folder can make the difference between your bid being on the top of the pile or the bottom of the trashcan.

The Importance Of Branded Marketing Materials 3


Pens, notepads, flash drives, anything you can think of. DUBUB Marketing Agency has had great success and overwhelmingly positive feedback by giving out branded task and note pads to potential clients and influential connections. Something as simple as a daily task pad can help make a big sell when your potential client uses it day to day, and will keep your brand in their mind. Just remember to ask yourself: Will your client actually use this, and will they use it often?

Branded marketing materials are the extra touch that can add a lot of quality to your brand and help your company win clients. These simple pieces can often be forgotten in the sea of digital marketing, but that little extra can mean the difference between a potential lead trusting the legitimacy of your brand, or not.

Posted 5 June 2019

How Graphic Design Contributes To Your Business Success

How Graphic Design Contributes To Your Business Success 4

A company’s image is one of the most significant aspects of its business. It attracts customers, retains them, and defines the nature of the company.

An effective image is built with good graphic design. Yet many businesses neglect its importance, consigning it to the lower ranks in priority. The consequence too often is that the business image suffers — and so does its bottom line.

Creating a good image with great graphics should occupy a prominent place in any company’s overall marketing strategy.

Here’s a look at aspects of a company’s operations that involve good graphic design for business. Paying attention to them can play a role in putting a company on the road to success.

How Graphic Design Contributes To Your Business Success 5

A well-designed logo attracts potential customers

The importance of graphic design is demonstrated in the quality of a company’s logo. After all, people judge a company almost instantaneously when they see its logo—without even realizing it themselves. They build a mental picture of the business, and it is extremely difficult later to shake that picture from their minds.

A cheap logo makes a company look cheap. It follows that its products or services are assumed to be of inferior quality, too. On the other hand, a well-designed logo created by a design specialist can make a company look innovative, creative, and professional.

A well-constructed logo should be instantly recognizable. It should be uncomplicated and memorable.

How Graphic Design Contributes To Your Business Success 6

Color selection can be vital

Along with a logo, a graphic designer should select a range of colors that fit in with the logo and reinforce it. Those colors and the logo should be used on a website, on signs, on advertising — anywhere that the company establishes a presence.

A company’s colors usually are selected to reinforce and complement one another in addition to reflecting a company’s image. They should be chosen carefully by a graphic artist who understands the importance of color and the company image that it presents.

Together, the logo and color theme play a significant role in establishing a company’s brand, which is a vital element in the image it presents to the public. Without a strong brand, a company will struggle to establish a niche for itself in the marketplace.

How Graphic Design Contributes To Your Business Success 7

Spin-off graphics also need to be well designed

The importance of well-designed graphic elements does not stop with a logo and a color theme. Graphic design for business often includes its use in the promotion of a new product or a new service. A company might also want to tweak an existing product or service by introducing an upgrade, for example, or creating an ancillary service.

In such cases, graphics that play off the main logo and color theme can reinforce the company’s overall image. They provide consistency and project the same qualities that are reflected in the main design and color theme.

How Graphic Design Contributes To Your Business Success 8

Good graphics are a major assist in excellent web design

Great graphics also help to make a website appealing and attractive. They demand instant attention, and users will often decide whether to stay on a site or to move on simply by viewing the graphics on a website.

In addition, the incorporation of a company logo and a color theme are important elements that create a platform for great web design. Once the colors are in place, it becomes easier to build a design around those colors, for example.

The company’s colors, combined with graphics built specifically for the website in line with the company’s brand, help the website reflect the image of the business.

How Graphic Design Contributes To Your Business Success 9

A well-designed brand inspires company loyalty

When employees are surrounded by all the elements that come together to make a great brand — a well-designed logo and inspiring theme colors — they develop a pride in their company. They see the brand identity on their website, on their desktop computers, on their emails, on their company signs, and on their business cards.

If the graphics are poorly designed, they will be less likely to be proud of their company. They will be confronted daily with an obstacle to their loyalty to the firm.

How Graphic Design Contributes To Your Business Success 10

Good graphics provide credibility

Employees are not the only ones to react favorably to great graphics. Customers and potential clients tend to trust a company more if the image they see is created to inspire trust and loyalty. They might see it on a building when they drive to work, on signs around town, and on the company’s website. Such repetition builds a favorable image of the company, and when they seek the services or products that the company offers, they will go there first.

How Graphic Design Contributes To Your Business Success 11

Good design can be subtle

The importance of graphic design is not always apparent. Even if a logo consists only of the company’s name, an appropriate impression can be created using the most appropriate font.

Solid fonts create the impression of a credible, viable company. Fancy fonts create the image of a creative company. Black and white designs can create the image of a classic old-world company.

How Graphic Design Contributes To Your Business Success 12

Good design helps set the company apart from the competition

Creative graphic design for business helps a company stand out in a field where there are several competitors. Simple use of a name on a shingle, on a business card, or on a website will fail to attract attention and will be easily forgotten. But the use of good graphics will make a company stand out among many.

When a person wants to use services such as those you offer, they will be more likely to call you if a compelling logo has drawn their attention to your company.

How Graphic Design Contributes To Your Business Success 13

Small businesses need good graphic design to grow

Large corporations are generally well known. Their smaller brethren, however, are fighting for a place in the sun. Their need to attract attention with a compelling design is even greater than that of the larger corporations.

Of course, all companies start small, and many of the large corporations started out with great logos and color themes that helped them climb the wall of success. Small businesses will find that great graphics can deliver results that will help them grow and one day achieve a similar measure of success in their field.

How Graphic Design Contributes To Your Business Success 14

Spending on good graphics is a wise investment

By placing good design at the top of its priorities, a business is investing in its future. Its ability to attract attention, symbolize a company’s professionalism and trustworthiness, and set the business apart from its competition are essential elements in helping a business to grow and achieve a higher level of sales success.

Just as a business will place a high premium on quality sales staff or advertising in the right places, it should place an equally high premium on good graphics.

This is not a field for do-it-yourselfers or the person around the corner who is good at drawing. It is a specialized field in which experts are required.

Consider DUBUB Marketing Agency

At DUBUB, we understand the importance of great graphic design and its role in a company’s overall marketing strategy. We can help you establish an attractive and impressive web presence. Contact us today.