Posted 19 June 2019

10 Benefits Of Hiring A Marketing Agency To Supplement Your In-House Team

10 Benefits Of Hiring A Marketing Agency To Supplement Your In-House Team 1

Is it better to do your digital marketing in-house or partner with a digital marketing agency? It’s an important question for every business owner to consider, and there is no universal right answer. In fact, we’ve found that a combination of the two is often the best solution. Hiring a digital marketing agency to work in tandem with your in-house marketer or team can be the most effective way to optimize your marketing budget.

Choosing between an internal or external marketing team can sometimes feel like a lose-lose dichotomy. In reality, it’s more of a spectrum, and the perfect balance of internal/external is different for every company. It’s common to have a mixture of both; the 2017 In-House Creative Industry Report shows that over two-thirds of in-house teams partner with external agencies.

10 Benefits Of Hiring A Marketing Agency To Supplement Your In-House Team 2

We’ve made a list of some of the reasons that hiring an agency can be beneficial, especially for small-to-medium sized businesses looking to supplement a single in-house marketer:

10 Benefits Of Hiring A Marketing Agency To Supplement Your In-House Team 3


The primary reason that businesses choose to partner with a digital marketing agency is that they get an entire team of specialized, experienced professionals working on their project for significantly less than it would cost to build that same team in-house. Most small businesses don’t have enough work to justify bringing on a full-time developer, full-time SEO expert, and full-time social media account manager. However, a large majority of companies would benefit from the services of each. Partnering with an agency brings those skills and more to the table without any additional investment. Having such a vast range of skills at your company’s disposal also makes it easier to diversify your marketing efforts.

10 Benefits Of Hiring A Marketing Agency To Supplement Your In-House Team 4


Not only are there more people with different skill sets within an agency, but also those people generally have a greater depth of experience. Agency professionals are typically specialists in a particular area, plus your company benefits from the competitive landscape in which agencies are hiring talent. In-house marketers often adapt to be more like a jack-of-all-trades in order to cover all of the company’s needs. Agencies devote resources to educating employees and keeping them on the cutting edge of their respective discipline. Additionally, the team environment within an agency fosters continual learning and growth.

10 Benefits Of Hiring A Marketing Agency To Supplement Your In-House Team 5


Generally speaking, it’s significantly cheaper to partner with an agency rather than bring on a full in-house team. That being said, total cost can vary greatly based on the size of your business and how much you’re looking to accomplish. Both internal and external marketing can amount to a sizable investment. A full in-house group requires significant overhead, including salaries, benefits, office space, equipment, training, recruiting, and more. An external agency can be one of the largest line items in a marketing budget, and because of that can be an easy target for cuts and renegotiations. All things considered, a digital marketing agency is usually the most cost-effective solution for high-quality marketing work. For the same price as one or two full-time salaries, you gain access to a complete team of professionals across multiple marketing specialties.

Using a hybrid approach allows you to take advantage of having lower-cost internal creative help full-time, while also gaining the flexibility and skill diversification from a digital marketing agency when needed.

10 Benefits Of Hiring A Marketing Agency To Supplement Your In-House Team 6


Partnering with a digital marketing agency is much less commitment than hiring a full in-house team. Your company isn’t responsible for any recruiting, interviewing, onboarding, or any of the other time-consuming and often expensive tasks that come along with a new employee. Marketing agencies are easier to hire and also easier to fire than an in-house employee (or at least, they should be), which means it will be easier to find a good fit between an agency and in-house team. Trust and communication are the foundation of a successful agency partnership, and finding an agency with which you can build that relationship is paramount.

10 Benefits Of Hiring A Marketing Agency To Supplement Your In-House Team 7


When you partner with an agency, 100% of your investment goes toward the production of deliverables. None of your marketing budget is being spent on benefits, equipment, ongoing education, PTO, etc.

Agencies are also driven by efficiency. Managing multiple accounts means that agencies have a proven process in place that makes it possible for them to produce high-quality work that meets both deadlines and budgets. Typically, they can get this type of work done more quickly than an in-house team who might be working through it for the first time.

10 Benefits Of Hiring A Marketing Agency To Supplement Your In-House Team 8


One of the biggest challenges for internal marketers is proving ROI. Agencies are results driven, and therefore want to make sure that they are gathering accurate, insightful data to guide the marketing strategy. Reporting is a crucial part of strengthening the partnership and for making informed decisions moving forward. Providing meaningful data is valuable to both the digital marketing agency and your company; it illustrates a mutual investment in success. Agencies are held accountable to all of their clients, and it’s another process that they have down to a science.

10 Benefits Of Hiring A Marketing Agency To Supplement Your In-House Team 9


Working with multiple clients builds a large network of vendors and channels that can lead to further partnerships for your company, too. Agencies also have access to a vast number of tools and resources that either aren’t practical to have for only one company or that are exclusive to industry professionals. In addition to building a network through partnerships, agencies often exhibit work and are featured in publications, which can offer your company even more visibility.

10 Benefits Of Hiring A Marketing Agency To Supplement Your In-House Team 10


Aside from the skill-gap, one of the biggest challenges in-house teams face is employee turnover. Marketing employees can be especially prone to burnout when working internally for one company for a few years, and their creativity can stagnate. As a result, many junior-to-mid-level marketers change jobs every 2-3 years. When an employee leaves, not only are there recruiter fees, interviewing costs, and training to account for, but also the work burden that falls on your other in-house employees while a replacement is found. That can mean a delay or halt in your marketing campaigns. With an agency partner, you can be certain that your marketing strategy will still be consistently executed month after month.

10 Benefits Of Hiring A Marketing Agency To Supplement Your In-House Team 11


In order to increase overall production from an in-house team, you’d need to hire on more employees or contractors. Partnering with a digital marketing agency gives your company the flexibility to ramp up engagement (or slow it down) as needed. If you want to launch a new website, you can quickly increase the agency to create it. Once the website is live, you can allocate that time to another aspect of your campaign.

10 Benefits Of Hiring A Marketing Agency To Supplement Your In-House Team 12


One of the greatest advantages that collaborating with an agency can offer is their creativity and objectivity. Keeping all marketing efforts in-house can sometimes lead to groupthink and tunnel-vision. A digital marketing agency isn’t influenced by any internal biases or assumed knowledge, so it’s easier to distill a clear message to the target audience. Internal teams often have such an in-depth knowledge that they try to say too much, and the core message is lost on the audience. An unbiased perspective can help sift through all of the unnecessary information, while remaining grounded enough to communicate clearly to the outside world.

Striking the right balance between internal and external work might take some adjustment. Perhaps it will make the most sense to hire a large internal team, only bringing in an agency for big-picture projects such as rebranding, strategy planning, or long-term campaigns that always take a back seat to immediate internal work. Or, maybe it will make more sense for your company to hire one or two in-house marketers to create daily deliverables while being the point of contact for your digital marketing agency, and then outsourcing most of the strategy and production to your agency partner. Even having one marketing manager in-house is a huge advantage. It provides a clear channel of communication, keeping other departments focused. It also means that your company has a dedicated person to review the reports, and who can then provide insights both internally and to the agency while they plan the next month’s strategy.

Wherever your company lands on the spectrum, it’s clear that there are many advantages to having a digital marketing agency work with your in-house marketing team. In our experience, these partnerships work best when the final product is a reflection of your team’s expertise in the company and our expertise in planning and executing a top-notch digital marketing strategy.

If you’re interested in exploring an agency + in-house partnership with us here at DUBUB Marketing Agencylet’s get in touch.

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Why Social Media Is Important For Business Marketing

Why Social Media Is Important For Business Marketing 13

Let’s start with one simple fact: your business needs a social media presence.

It doesn’t matter if you run a small local shop or a big national company. Social media is an essential piece of your business marketing strategy.

Social platforms help you connect with your customers, increase awareness about your brand, and boost your leads and sales. With more than three billion people around the world using social media every month, it’s no passing trend.

What you might not know is that you’re ready to get your company’s social media off the ground right now. You don’t need to know every intimidating buzzword or have the magic number of followers. You can get started immediately—and even enjoy yourself in the process.

Here are six reasons why investing in social media is a wise business move.

Why Social Media Is Important For Business Marketing 14


If people don’t know about your business, they can’t become your customers. Social media boosts your visibility among potential customers, letting you reach a wide audience by using a large amount of time and effort. And it’s free to create a business profile on all the major social networks, so you have nothing to lose.

Define what you want to get out of social media to develop a social media strategy. Do you want new customers to discover your services? Do you hope to bring more local shoppers into your stores? By keeping your strategy specific, you can determine which social media channels are the best fit for your business.

Why Social Media Is Important For Business Marketing 15


Customers are increasingly savvier and more discerning about which businesses they support. Before making a decision, they’ll do a quick search to browse your website and social media.

Will they find an empty storefront or a rich source of information? Setting up robust profiles that you update frequently with relevant content will build your brand’s authority and make sure you make a positive first impression through social media, showing that your business is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and approachable.

Look for ways to demonstrate your expertise as a thought leader in your industry—like writing pieces related to your expertise or expanding on your company’s mission. By showing what your business offers and values, you will establish confidence in potential customers.

Why Social Media Is Important For Business Marketing 16


Customers aren’t interested in businesses that publish dry, corporate-style social media posts.

Instead, let your brand’s personality shine through in everything you share on social media. What does your brand voice sound like? How does it represent who you are?

Practice getting your tone just right, whether it’s casual and funny or formal and friendly. Be true to who you are, not who you think you should be. Followers want to see real people behind your social profiles. Show them.

Why Social Media Is Important For Business Marketing 17


Social channels evolve, constantly releasing new features, and this rapidly changing environment can be intimidating for some business owners.

But remember: you don’t have to do everything. Play with new ways to connect with your audience, and give yourself permission to learn as you go. One day, you could post a series of Instagram Stories to give customers a behind-the-scenes tour of your office. The next, you could host a quick Q&A session via Facebook Live video streaming. Over time, you’ll get a better idea of your followers’ preferences.

You can create engaging video content for social media with a simple setup—good lighting, a smartphone, and a tripod. Also, do a test run before you go live to make sure your internet connection or hotspot has enough speed to avoid delays and interruptions.

Why Social Media Is Important For Business Marketing 18


Social platforms have successfully broken down barriers between companies and their customers. Now, instead of calling a customer service line, many people turn to Facebook or Twitter to solve problems or find information.

Develop your reputation as a responsive, caring brand by offering support through social channels:

  • Create a system for tracking customer comments, questions, and complaints on social media.
  • Respond as quickly as possible to questions and concerns.
  • Go out of your way to be positive and helpful.
  • Listen to criticism and make customers feel heard.
  • Know when to resolve public conversations in private messages.
Why Social Media Is Important For Business Marketing 19


Marketing costs add up, and not every business can afford huge campaigns. But you can get a lot of value for your dollar with social media advertising. Your business, regardless of size or budget, has an opportunity to grow your audience and reach your objectives through ads on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

When building an ad campaign, know who you’re trying to reach and what goal you want to achieve so you don’t waste any of your budget on unhelpful advertising. Avoid overly salesy ads, and opt for content that educates or entertains (or does both at the same time).

Social media is a crucial part of your business marketing, but it doesn’t have to be stressful to manage. Take the first step, create a profile, and start engaging with your customers.

How has social media proven to be a wise business move for you? Tell us in the comments below!

Posted 13 June 2019

Things To Consider Before A Rebrand Project

Things To Consider Before A Rebrand Project 20

So, you’ve established that you’re in need of a new brand identity–which is, of course, not only a highly visual choice, but also a conceptual one. You’ve just made some important decisions, and building a brand is a large undertaking–so congratulations! We’re glad you recognized that there are a lot of resources out there, and we’re happy to offer our expertise and help in any way we can.

Things To Consider Before A Rebrand Project 21

In the case of a rebrand, attempt to identify what your current brand/logo is lacking. Are you seeking a rebrand because you have changed the core mission of your organization? Are you considering a name change? Or are you craving a refreshed look and feel?

First and foremost, our advice is to define the brand in the clearest, simplest language possible. This will make things easier when collaborating with others who are probably not as knowledgeable about it as you. Pare down your mission, values, and purpose. Think about what you do and why it matters. Who is your target audience and who are your key competitors? Think about what differentiates you from your competitors, and how you help your target audience with what you do and who you are.

Things To Consider Before A Rebrand Project 22

Consider what factors make you distinct, and tell your brand story. Remember: narrative draws people in and makes them feel connected. How did your brand come to fruition? Why is there a need for it? What is the ‘personality’ of the brand? If you had to drill it all down to a few key descriptors, what would they be? Keep it concise, and be as honest as possible with yourself. This will ensure that your brand is coming from an authentic place.

Things To Consider Before A Rebrand Project 23

What feeling or message do you want your logo to convey to those who view it? This can be a hard question to answer–it is sometimes difficult to drill down on a specific emotion. The more specific, the better. Keep in mind, however, that a visual portrayal of emotion is often abstract and subjective, and everyone may not see the same thing. A tagline can help further define/focus a brand and augment the visual identity. Additions such as photography can add emotion as well.

Things To Consider Before A Rebrand Project 24

Recognize the power of design. Realize that even if your initial ideas are good ones, unless you’ve had design training, and/or are well-versed in creative software, you probably don’t have the ability to produce a robust visual identity single-handedly. Also, even if you have specific colors or imagery in mind for your brand identity and logo, we recommend keeping an open mind. A designer may think of an option you love that you had not previously considered. Also, thinking about what existing brand identities appeal to you and why can be helpful in the design process.

Building a brand is a process, and a clear, consistent brand takes time to create. If you’re looking to get the process started, get in touch with us today!

Posted 12 June 2019

The Importance Of Branded Marketing Materials

The Importance Of Branded Marketing Materials 25

In the ever-growing digital landscape of marketing and advertising, printed material has become a bit of an afterthought in the minds of many businesses both small and large. Contrary to this trend, branded marketing materials remain as relevant as ever in helping promote your company and generate leads. Research from shows that a whopping 52% of people said their impression of a company is more positive after receiving branded materials, and almost 50% said they use those materials every day. It is clear that branded materials can make a great impact on potential clients, so how do you integrate these into your marketing strategy?

The Importance Of Branded Marketing Materials 26

Business cards:

It isn’t hard to see that business cards are still as important as ever. Business cards have been a staple in peer-to-peer marketing since the start of, well, business. A well-designed, well-made business card can seal the deal in a face-to-face pitch better than a later visit to a website or viewing a search ad. Business cards act as a reminder of an in-person interaction, and will keep your company in the forefront on their next related work project.


Envelopes, letterhead, postcards. Professionally designed and well-printed stationary is a sign of the quality of your business. The effort taken in mailing any promotional materials or simple letters with consistent branding adds value to your company’s image. 


Something often overlooked than can really tie all of your materials together. Instead of presenting proposals and project materials in a stack of assorted papers, consider a branded folder to keep everything organized. Keeping your pitch materials together in a neat, branded folder can make the difference between your bid being on the top of the pile or the bottom of the trashcan.

The Importance Of Branded Marketing Materials 27


Pens, notepads, flash drives, anything you can think of. DUBUB Marketing Agency has had great success and overwhelmingly positive feedback by giving out branded task and note pads to potential clients and influential connections. Something as simple as a daily task pad can help make a big sell when your potential client uses it day to day, and will keep your brand in their mind. Just remember to ask yourself: Will your client actually use this, and will they use it often?

Branded marketing materials are the extra touch that can add a lot of quality to your brand and help your company win clients. These simple pieces can often be forgotten in the sea of digital marketing, but that little extra can mean the difference between a potential lead trusting the legitimacy of your brand, or not.

Posted 10 June 2019

The Role Of Branding In Business Marketing

The Role Of Branding In Business Marketing 28

With any new business, establishing your foot in the market and to your target audience is crucial.

With this early problem, you should implement comprehensive and well-strategised branding for your business.

Building your brand around your products or services is easily done if you have background knowledge and research.

Consequently, it can be a massive problem if you don’t have any information on how to do it.

In this kind of instance, it is best to hire experts who are experienced in the role of branding to help you work out the approach.

Branding is not always the most critical factor to make your business a success, but a strong brand identity can create many advantages for your business.

In this article, we will talk about the many aspects as to why it is important to have a great brand identity and how it can help you in your overall business marketing efforts.

What is the role of Branding?

The Role Of Branding In Business Marketing 29

Branding is a marketing practice that a company exhibits in creating its name, symbol or logo, and overall design that is readily identifiable as the company itself.

It gives your business its characteristics and persona.

It also helps to represent what you offer as a business, what you sell, and how different you are from other products or services.

Your brand is like the public face and personality of your company.

Branding is not limited to logos, designs, and company colour palette.

It also includes every part that completes your business – from colour combinations and typography styles to the packaging of your products and the overall presentation of the company when in a pitch presentation.

It covers everything you present as a business.

Branding is the physical image and personality of who you are as a business and how you target to be recognised.

Why is Branding Important?

The Role Of Branding In Business Marketing 30

Besides from making a lasting impression on your customers, the role of branding is also giving an image of what you can offer to your customers and clients.

It is a way to differentiate yourself from your competition and to establish your business as the best choice among all other brands.

No company disregards making their brand, or even assume that they don’t have any branding.

Your brand can affect how people see you, can drive more people to be aware of your business and can increase your customer conversion rate.

Let’s look at these six ways on how a strong branding helps your business to be successful:

1. Sets You Apart from the Competition

The Role Of Branding In Business Marketing 31

Customers do not develop relationships with specific products; they tend to build brand loyalty and trust.

For example, if we look at all orange juice brands, they all look the same in the eyes of the customer if there is no branding in the marketing industry.

They will see all of the orange juice products the same, made from orange.

With branding, your customers will able to identify that your product is not just any other orange juice in the market, there will be a distinguishing factor that would make them buy your product above all of your competitors.

It is not because your orange juice is from a different kind of orange, it is because they can relate to your brand and exhibit loyalty to it.

Your brand’s promises are influencing them to buy your brand.

To build a great brand that stands out from the competition, you need to observe and study them on how they develop their brands.

Taking your eyes off them may give significant disadvantages in your brand building process.

It can also give you a significant setback in your sales because the same product was perceived to be better by their marketing plans and strategies.

By spying on your competitors, you can keep up with them, and better yet, outsmart them.

2. Improves Brand Recognition

Your company logo design is one of the critical elements of your brand.

We can instantly identify the golden arches of McDonald’s or the specific shade of red that is in every KitKat product.

Your logo design plays a critical role in your brand because it will be the “face” of your business to be seen on every package, advertisement, and other marketing materials.

A competent logo design is seen to be as simple, but enough to make a lasting impression on your customers.

3. Builds Trust in Your Marketplace

The brand building also helps you to build brand trust with your target audience.

It develops brand loyalty which will make these customers keep on coming back to purchase your products.

Amongst the many elements defined as part of branding, it is vital that your business’ values are part of it.

These values are the ones set into your brand which connects to the people emotionally.

For example, you will be enticed to buy any Coca-Cola product because it makes you happy.

Coca-Cola represents happiness, and it has been communicated to its audience effectively because the market today has a strong consideration of the audience’s emotional reactions.

The Role Of Branding In Business Marketing 32

4. Generates New Customers

Branding reaches in the word-of-mouth advertising as well.

It enables your business to get more traffic via referrals.

According to most advertising related studies, word of mouth referrals are possible in a situation where your product has given a significant experience to your customers.

By any instance, would you forget the brand name of your favourite set of polo shirts? I guess not.

A big reason why “brand” is the word used for this concept is that it results in a lasting impression.

5. Boosts Employees Pride and Satisfaction

The Role Of Branding In Business Marketing 33

When your employees are aware for your established and respected brand, and they completely agree with what your brand signifies, they will be more than satisfied with their current job and will boost their pride in the work that they do for you.

They will be enthusiastic to share with their friends and families all about their job and even to put your business’ name on their resumes.

Also, this will establish loyalty to your company and will be less likely to accept offers from other companies.

Establishing branding also in your workplace can help strengthen your brand and the values it exemplifies.

6. Helps You Grow your Business

Branding not only helps in your physical performance to your audiences but also it has a significant influence on how your business is growing sales-wise.

A valuable brand helps to develop a profitable business.

Every business needs to alter its business plans every three to five years, but a strong brand that can adapt to any circumstance will survive any test of time and ensure success.

McDonald’s is a perfect example for this because they have a distinct strategy for keeping their customers loyal to the brand and at the same time, targets and attracts new customers which translates to more profit.

Moreover, companies and groups tend to buy or invest in other companies not for its products or materials but for the value that is attached to the brand.

As said by Steve Forbes, “Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.”

How Branding Helps Boost Your Marketing Efforts?

After working with all the details of your branding and what it represents, you can use this information in all of your marketing channels.

Branding will determine the types and kinds of content you push through your website and social media.

Also, it also decides how you will you uniquely connect with your audience.

Branding should be at the centre of your marketing strategy.

For example, setting up your target market on the Facebook advertising campaign for your most popular product.

You visualise who and what your audience is, what does the message sound or look like, and what will mostly pique your audience’s attention to connecting with your brand.

Nonetheless, members of your team may come up with a variety of ideas that are not precisely on-brand, so this may lead to wasting money on ad spending by targeting the wrong market and may confuse your real audience.

Perfect branding will actively communicate one message only and will confidently communicate with your target market.

The Role Of Branding In Business Marketing 34

Final Thoughts on the Role of Branding

Branding is essentially your identity that your customers are perceiving.

You should not take for granted its importance to your business.

Branding is the central blueprint of your business.

Your brand can be a symbol of success, happiness, loyalty, comfort, or anything that you want your brand to represent.

Think about what message your company wants to convey.

What do you want your customers to think about you?

What image of your company do you want to put out there?

That is the basic role of branding.

People will see you always as one thing, and it will last in their memories.

Now with all of these tips, you should see how important the role of branding is to your business.

Best of luck in building your brand!